Creative Impulse, Foundation Features, and Paul Shull to Create Rock 'N Roll Graphic Novel - "Mr. Butterscotch"

- Posted by on October 17, 2011

October 15, 2011 - New York Comic Con:  Comic book transmedia company Creative Impulse Entertainment (CIE), film and television production company Foundation Features, and rock 'n roll talent manager Paul Shull, announce a graphic novel based on the upcoming television series, "Mr. Butterscotch", following the adventures of Shull as he travels the globe dealing with his collective of rock stars.

Foundation Features' Executive in Charge of Television Rob LaBelle comments, "Foundation Features couldn't be more thrilled about teaming up with CIE to turn Mr. Butterscotch into a kick-ass graphic novel. Butterscotch’s real life already plays out like a graphic novel, so this is really a perfect opportunity for us. And CIE's the absolute best there is so Butterscotch couldn’t be in better hands. We’re currently producing the TV series Mr. Butterscotch, a reality-doc series following the maniacal adventures of Mr. Butterscotch, the wildly charismatic, heavily inked madman as he pursues the biggest game of all, the wild rock star. Butterscotch travels the world hanging with rock’s royalty and uses the tips and leads he gets from industry friends and music business insiders to propel his quest to find the next rock superstars.  And as the bad ass, sword fighting superhero in his own graphic novel, Butterscotch will take it all to the next level of insanity.  The Butterscotch graphic novel is an  incredible compliment to the TV series.  It’s a dynamic and unique approach to building a fan base in anticipation of the series as well as demonstrating the depth and richness of the Butterscotch brand."

Paul Shull adds,  "The new partnership between Creative Impulse Entertainment and Foundation Features to make a graphic novel about me is quite possibly the worst thing that could happen to my ego."

CIE CEO Jan Lucanus continues, "The 'Mr. Butterscotch' project will be a game changer for comic books and transmedia integration.  We're all pretty stoked on this one!"

CIE's flagship comic book, "JFH: Justice-For-Hire" has become one of the most downloaded martial arts comic books on the world's leading digital comic book store, Comics by ComiXology™.  Foundation Features production credits include "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus", "Altitude", and the rock 'n roll feature-documentary"Hard Core Logo 2".  Paul Shull has worked with a slew of musical talent, including the Foo Fighters, MIA, and Robbie Williams.

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